Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring, Spring, Spring!

For Spring in Calhoun County, it's a time to break out the bikes and hit the trails.
Ladiga, so smooth and straight, with its meandering streams, sometimes swift with heavy rains, but peaceful enough to help you catch your breath from a sprint. Turtles, snakes, rabbits and birds, stroll along the path in their natural elements. The hills and trees are a vivid green, and the Sweet Home Alabama sky is really blue. The scattered clouds provide the occasional needed relief from sweat.
If Ladiga is not for you, we have Coldwater's trails too. Run, hike or bike, it's up to you. The full shade of the vibrant green trees is much appreciated during each complex climb, and the quick downhills provide a cool breeze each time. It's a fun and challenging adventure for the whole family. Watch out for the switchbacks and occasional crossing stream after rain. You're guaranteed to get a little mud on your tires.
Spring is Terrapin's prime-time. Great spring rain water levels allow for a steady and relaxing flow. Park the kayak or canoe for an occasional swim. Pack a lunch and enjoy it along the way. You could indeed take your time and spend all day. There are a few very picturesque spots, but make sure your camera or phone have a waterproof case.
If the fairway trails beckon to you, they've also enjoyed the rain and sunshine too. Hit them straight to avoid the hazards and high grass, forget the cart and make your own path. The cool mornings are the ideal time for nine, but play eighteen if you have more time. We've got Silver Lakes, Indian Oaks, Pine Hill, Cider Ridge, Stoney Brook, Cane Creek and the Country Club. The afternoons get crowded with everyone wanting to enjoy, but some of the courses offer specials, just before dark.
Rain calls nothing off because there's still plenty to do, from museums to restaurants and local shops, we have a lot for you. So many community events take advantage of the perfect temps and everyone getting outside. It's a Natural Attraction blooming in spring with much in store and many places and things waiting for you to explore.

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