Wednesday, September 2, 2015

5 Things to Do For the Autumn Season

By: Deanna Jones, JSU Student (2011-2015)

There’s a crisp feel of autumn in the air…ARE. YOU. READY? If not, we’re here to save the day. Here’s a list of 5 wondrous things to do in the fall. Who says fun stops when summer ends?

1)      Go Outside! 
      One thing there is to know about being outside in the fall is there’s fewer mosquitoes, fewer snakes, and a lesser chance of getting sun burned. In the fall it is less humid, and the air feels thinner, cooler, and refreshing. It sounds like a recipe for going outside. Luckily, Calhoun County has lots of beautiful places to do just that. There’s plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, like: biking, hiking, fishing, or just taking a nice stroll on a vibrant autumn day. The leaves start to change colors around October. Keep an eye out for the beautiful autumn foliage. Hint, Hint… it might come earlier this year because fall is quickly approaching.
Click here for more information on what outdoor opportunities Calhoun County has to offer.

2)      Explore Indoors
If it’s too cool for you or there happens to be a chance of rain in the forecast, we offer plenty of indoor activities for you and your family, like having a nice night out while still being in the warmth of a museum.  With the kids going back to school, why not make education fun and intriguing? Calhoun County offers plenty of educating and entertaining activities for whatever is in your children’s text books.  If they’re learning about the ancient mummies of Egypt, there’s the Anniston Museum of Natural History. It has a full display all about the mummies of ancient Egypt….with REAL MUMMIES! While there, they can explore outer space, what beautiful rocks and gems are beneath our feet, what creatures are living in the Calhoun County region, and even dinosaurs! If they are learning about World History, the Berman Museum is the perfect place to go. They are located right beside one another, so make a whole day out of it! 

3)      Tailgate

I need not state much on the fact that football, down here like in many other Southern American towns, is a way of life. Gather a group of friends and family and bundle up under a tent with your favorite sports teams. Don’t forget your favorite hot chocolate or apple cider to warm things up a bit. Not only is there a chance to cheer on your favorite football team, but Jacksonville State University offers Soccer, Tennis, FOOTBALL, and Volleyball.

4)     Cook?
If you’re like me you get excited over good ol’ seasonal southern food. With the weather starting to cool off a bit, why not stay indoors, save some money, and support your local farmers? The farmers market is a great way to get a feel and a taste of what is grown locally. What says fall more than chili? September 27th kicks off the annual Cheaha Chili cook-off. Stop by and get a taste of the delicious bowls of chili to start off the chilly autumn evenings. Need pumpkins to decorate?  Bennett Farms has a wide selection of pumpkins to choose from, along with hayrides to take to you for a ride through fields of hand sowed pumpkins.

5)      Fall Festivals
Okay, so we know that fall is here. That means it’s time for fall festivals! There’s plenty…and I mean plenty to choose from. Jacksonville kicks off the first ever Create Fest on September 19th. The Create Festival highlights local artist and is hosted by businesses located on The Square. Weaver is hosting an annual Weaver Heritage festival on September 26th. There will be hand-made arts and crafts, music, and activities for the children. Saturday, October 3rd is the 25th Annual OxfordFest.  Located down Main Street of Oxford, it features music, food, arts, crafts and fun for all ages. 
Getting into the Halloween spirit? Want to show off your adorable pet?  Neewollah on Noble Fall Festival is on October 25th. There’s carnival games and even a pet costume contest. Come on down and enjoy the evening with your whole family, pets included! Don’t forget about the treat walk. Your pet will thank you for it.

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