Friday, November 6, 2015

November is Here!

By: Deanna Jones, JSU Student (2011-2015)

"The morns are meeker than they were,
The nuts are getting brown;
The berry's cheek is plumper,
The rose is out of town.
The maple wears a gayer scarf,
The field a scarlet gown...." -- Emily Dickinson

November is in the air! To kick off this cozy month, here are some facts about November!!!

1)   November was the ninth month of the ancient Roman calendar. It has retained its name from the Latin “novem” meaning nine.
2)   November starts the same day of the week as March every year! November also ends on the same day of the week as August every year. Go check it out and see!
3)   November in the southern hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to May in the Northern Hemisphere.
4)   In November of 1969, the first colored television advertisement aired in the UK.
5)   November 2 is the only day of the year that was the birthday of two US presidents: Warren Harding, born 1865, and James Polk born 1795.

Wasn't that interesting? To find out about the events going on in November, go to

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