Monday, March 21, 2016

Timeline of a New JSU President

Every university president has a busy job, but a new president has even more to do to make his or her face known around a university.
                Here at JSU the first six months of a presidency are most likely the busiest months of a president’s job. To give you just a little glimpse at what the job of a Jacksonville State University President entails, here is a small timeline of what Dr. John M. Beehler, Twelfth President of JSU, has done in his six months.
May 8, 2015: JSU Board of Trustees announced Dr. John M. Beehler as Twelfth President of JSU.
July 1, 2015: President Beehler and his family are welcomed by JSU employees on his first day as JSU’s new President.
August 7 2015: President Beehler awards graduating students diplomas and gives first commencement speech at JSU’s Summer 2015 Commencement.
August 25, 2015: President Beehler honors the freshman class at JSU’s Freshman Convocation.
August 26, 2015: President Beehler greets students on first day of classes.
October 13, 2015: President Beehler joins Governor Robert Bentley and area officials at the Gnutti Carlo USA ribbon cutting ceremony.
October 29, 2015: President Beehler crowns JSU’s Homecoming King and Queen.
October 31, 2015: President Beehler and family enjoy their first JSU Homecoming.
November 14, 2015: President Beehler congratulates the JSU Football team on becoming OVC Champions.
November 30, 2015: President Beehler and family host JSU in Lights with the SGA to welcome in the holidays.
December 18, 2015: President Beehler completes his sixth month as president by awarding diplomas at Fall Commencement.
                For the first months of 2016 President Beehler didn’t slow down. He has been to many Chamber events, such as the Economic Forum that was on March 11. He even appeared on the show of JSU Alumni, Rick and Bubba.
                On April 8, 2016, President Beehler will have been here at JSU for eleven months. To celebrate, he will be inaugurated as the Twelfth President of Jacksonville State University. The Investiture ceremony will be at 10:00 A.M. at the Pete Mathews Coliseum. Afterwards, there will be an inaugural reception at 12:00 P.M. on the 5th floor of Meehan Hall, formerly Stadium Towers. Also, from 2:30 P.M. – 4:30 P.M. the President and his family will be hosting an open house at the President’s home on campus.
                So come out and celebrate with the family of Jacksonville State University!

By: Brittany Noell (JSU student 2012-2016)

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