Friday, June 24, 2016

Pedal Plan

"The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine." ~John Howard
When's the last time you rode a bike? As a kid, that's one thing our parents may teach us, but do we maintain that knowledge with practice and lose it as we grow older? Some people can pick up where they left off, and some, like children, take a while to find their balance.

Cycling has gained popularity in Alabama in recent years, thanks to the surge of road biking events and development of mountain bike trails in Anniston, Birmingham, Auburn, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville and more. Not only is cycling exercise, but it's a great recreation opportunity to explore the outdoors and as Hemingway said, "learn the contours of a country best."

Calhoun County, Alabama is haven for outdoor enthusiasts, especially cyclists. 

From the municipalities of Piedmont, Jacksonville, Weaver and Anniston, one could cycle all the way to Atlanta via our local rail trail. The Ladiga Trail is 32.5 miles of paved rail trail, wandering along the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. With paths through residential areas as well as views of open fields, creeks and hillsides, this shaded path provides cyclists of all levels an area to retreat. From the avid sprinter and road biker to the family learning how to pedal, Ladiga is a perfect spot for any weekend adventure. 
*June 24, the sinkholes in the Jacksonville section have been repaired, and the entire trail is undisturbed and fully open again! 

This is not for the beginner cyclist or the faint of heart. Coldwater is full of quick twists and side-winding turns, hard climbs and fast descents. Baby Bear and other trails are great for those wanting to try mountain biking; however, Bomb Dog and other trails are more for the advanced cyclists, ready for whatever comes their way. These trails are mostly shaded, but Alabama summers are brutal and suggest a morning or evening spin. 

That's not all! Within the county, we also have Iron Legs and Henry Farms Mountain Biking Trails, and several road routes area cyclists frequent. Within the region, we have the Black Creek Trail in Gadsden and Cheaha State Park's Mountain Bike Trails. 
For more information, check out our Area Maps

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