Friday, November 11, 2016

Find Solitude

Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. ~Lorraine Hansberry

People find solace one hundred different ways. Some find solitude escaping the noise of reality, and some find it in distracts from the outside world. Whatever way you find solitude, Calhoun County and surrounding areas may be a good fit for you. 

Coldwater's Bike Trails sometimes require razor sharp focus. Whether you're dodging a tree, navigating loose rocks and sand or grinding uphill, Coldwater requires you to be in the moment, focused on your immediate surroundings, not work, not home or not even the latest news, but present every inch of the way. You can escape for a mile or two or spend the entire day exploring the mountain, so the amount of solitude time is up to you. 

If you are looking for a spot to rest, a spot to break or read long the way, but also enjoy the rush of 18+ miles per hour on a bicycle, Ladiga is the spot for you. Ladiga has several private picturesque spots along its 33 miles of paved, mostly flat, rail trail. It's mostly quiet, with an occasional intersection that requires you pause and be brought back to fast paced reality of highways and traveled car roads. Mostly, it's a calm solace space, surrounded by shading trees and wildlife, vast fields and rolling mountainsides, with the occasional home or small town. 
The best time to enjoy this Chimney Peak is sunset. Facing West, this spot offers the best view of a quaint small town Alabama, Jacksonville, the gem of the hills, the Talladega National Forest, and Alabama farmland. If it's ever partly cloudy, the sunset paints the evening sky shades of purple, peach, blue and gold. Stand in awe and solitude at this lightly used Mountain Street or admire the starry sky at night in the peace and quiet. 

This recreation hiking trail connects the Talladega National Forest to the Appalachian Trail in North Georgia. Along the way, shelters have been erected to provide weary hikers a place to rest without work or work to construct a tent. Most of the trail travels away from busy highways and noisy cities, to allow the solace of hoot owls, coyotes howls, and cricket chirps to fill one's mind. Very little cellphone service along the mountain ridges provides a solitude not often found in today's world. 

Cheaha has several great trails, including the Bald Rock overlook with a boardwalk to the cliffs edge; however, if you are seeking quiet and solitude, the Pulpit Rock Trail provides about a half mile rolling hike to a cliffs edge overlooking Cheaha Lake and the Talladega National Forest. This peaceful undisturbed view provides a nice walk and solace from noisy kids and traffic. 

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