Monday, January 9, 2017

Alabama Weather

Welcome to Alabama, where it is 19 degrees on Saturday and 70 the next week. Our seasons are often mild, which makes mountain biking accessible year round, with or without a fat tire and kayaking can generally happen March to late October.

December, January and February are normally ranging from temperatures in the 30s to 50s. In March, temperatures begin to climb to the 40s and 60s. While January is normally the coolest, February and March are normally the months with the highest precipitation. Alabama has had a white Christmas, but the Blizzard of '92 occurred during March. Weather has a mind of its own.

 Spring! Spring! Spring grows from pleasant 40s and 60s to lower and upper 80s, perfect for paddling the creek or opting outside. However, spring is also known for scattered showers and occasional thunderstorms. The tension of temperatures cause unstable weather conditions, but those showers create cooler temps and rushing flowing streams, perfect for floating with the family.

July, August and September can be scorchers, with July typically being the warmest. July and August average 70s to 90s, and September begins to cool to the 60s and 80s. The brutally hot days make for a good time to explore the museums, but the beautiful days make for a good time to go boating at Neely Henry. August and September are normally two of the driest months.

October temperatures begin to fade from 70s to November 60s. The night chill around 40 makes for a ideal bonfire temperatures, perfect for roasted marshmallows and campfire stories. October is another dry month, but a November generally makes up for the back to school droughts. The leaves sense the impending winter and change to red and orange hues around the first of November each year.

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