Friday, March 17, 2017

Living History

Civil War reenactments basically began before the war ended as a way to honor and remember the fallen. Now, reenactments take place across the world, including Calhoun County. 

Each spring, Cheaha State Park, at Alabama's highest peak, reenact portions of the "Battle Above the Clouds," also known as the siege on Chattanooga. This year's reenactment March 17 & 18, features battles each afternoon and a ladies tea. Reenactors attempt to convey the life of the time, dressing as those did during the civil war era and camping as they did.

Each Spring, Janney Furnace also hosts a reenactment, but of a battle that occurred nearby, the Battle of Ten Islands, defending the furnace from being destroyed. This year's reenactment will take place April 1 & 2, also with battles beginning at 2 pm.

Each May, Fiddler's Green hosts a living history, featuring a reenactment, sutlers selling goods, a ladies tea, a ball and more. This year's events will take place on May 6th & 7th.

From Civil War to Civil Rights, Calhoun County is rich in history, so join us where history comes alive.

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