Thursday, May 25, 2017

Perfect for a Picnic

Calhoun County and the northeast Alabama region are filled with beautiful Appalachian views, perfect enough for a picnic.

Anniston Museums & Gardens are surrounded by beautiful hillside property, including Lagarde Park. This area features a playground, a track, small pond and picnic tables. Don't forget to stop by the Anniston Museum of Natural History and the Berman Museum of World History while you're there.

Choccolocco Park is surrounded by the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, including Cheaha State Park. The Park Grounds feature playgrounds, paths of varied distances, a lake, the ball parks, pavilions and picnic tables. Take the family to a ballgame while you're there.

Germania Springs is quaintly located adjacent to the Ladiga Trail, Roy Webb Road and Highway 21 in Jacksonville. This park features a dog park, playgrounds, baseball and football practice fields, and the longest paved Rails to Trail path, the Ladiga/Silver Comet. Be sure to take your bike, since the Alabama "skies are so blue."

The Chief Ladiga Trail Campground is ideally located where the Ladiga Trail meets the Pinhoti Hiking Trail and Terrapin Creek. So, take your bike, your hiking boots and your kayak, and you're set for the whole weekend.

Ohatchee Beach is conveniently located on the Neely Henry, so bring your boat and your water skis or a kayak and enjoy the serene rolling hills along the lake, complete with great fishing spots, picnic tables and boat launches.

Elwell Park, much like Germania Springs, is perfectly located along the Ladiga Trail, complete with picnic pavilions, basketball courts, a BMX track, dog park and playground. The area is ideally shaded to block of the occasionally brutal sun and heat.

J.R. Striplin Park in Hobson City is perfect for grilling out, taking a walk around the track and watching the kids play on the playground and ball courts.

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