Thursday, August 24, 2017

Founding Fathers

Last weekend, the town of Hobson City celebrated its 118th Founders Day. Founded on August 16, 1899, Hobson City is the oldest incorporated African American city in Alabama and the third oldest in the United States. 
During the time prior to its founding, Hobson City was known as the Mooree Quarter of Oxford, and its African American citizens were allowed to vote in city and county elections. After an African American justice of the peace was elected in a municipal election, the boundaries were redrawn to leave the settlement in the county. 
Three years later, citizens petitioned to become their own municipality. Today, the town continues to celebrate the accomplishment of their determined founders with a Heritage Festival, this year featuring presentations from the University of Alabama and UNC Chapel Hill, as well as the town's annual 5K. 
Calhoun County has a rich civil rights history, stories of a few brave citizens defending the rights of many. Just a few miles away, the newly declared Freedom Riders National Monument and Civil Rights trails recount these moments in history. From the moving images of the bus burning and violence surrounding the Freedom Riders to the stories of local citizens standing up for equal rights for all and a city responding, Calhoun County is honored to recognize the bravery and courage these citizens displayed to achieve all they did. 

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