Thursday, August 24, 2017

Founding Fathers

Last weekend, the town of Hobson City celebrated its 118th Founders Day. Founded on August 16, 1899, Hobson City is the oldest incorporated African American city in Alabama and the third oldest in the United States. 
During the time prior to its founding, Hobson City was known as the Mooree Quarter of Oxford, and its African American citizens were allowed to vote in city and county elections. After an African American justice of the peace was elected in a municipal election, the boundaries were redrawn to leave the settlement in the county. 
Three years later, citizens petitioned to become their own municipality. Today, the town continues to celebrate the accomplishment of their determined founders with a Heritage Festival, this year featuring presentations from the University of Alabama and UNC Chapel Hill, as well as the town's annual 5K. 
Calhoun County has a rich civil rights history, stories of a few brave citizens defending the rights of many. Just a few miles away, the newly declared Freedom Riders National Monument and Civil Rights trails recount these moments in history. From the moving images of the bus burning and violence surrounding the Freedom Riders to the stories of local citizens standing up for equal rights for all and a city responding, Calhoun County is honored to recognize the bravery and courage these citizens displayed to achieve all they did. 

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Where See the Solar Eclipse

Truly, as long as there aren't many clouds in the sky, you can see it anywhere, but with around 90% totality, Calhoun County has some places that are hosting eclipse events!
  • Business like Floors to Go in Anniston are hosting celebrations with FREE viewing glasses, food, t-shirts and hats, beginning at 12 Noon on Monday.
  • JSU's School of Science is hosting a viewing party on the lawn at TMB. Solar glasses, water and shade will be provided for the public!
  • The Oxford Public Library is also hosting a viewing party, complete with solar glasses, as supplies last, or a viewing of NASA's livestream.

Make sure to secure your certified solar glasses before you decide to step outside and gaze at the sky! NASA also has "how to's" for making your own Solar Viewing Projector, if you couldn't secure the glasses. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Picture Perfect Murals

Looking for the perfect backdrop? Look no further than city walls turned to canvases for artists, from near and far.

Garden Scene, Oxford
Tucked in an alley off Main Street, where Choccolocco comes to a T, this "Garden Scene" looks reminiscent of Italy or Greece, especially with Sarah Cavender Metalworks' blue door next door.

Anniston's Mural Trail
While Anniston has begun a mural trail throughout the historic downtown area, in the alleys behind the Classic and the Peerless, visitors will find various hand-painted masterpieces from local artists, including the newly designated Freedom Riders National Monument Mural off Gurnee Avenue, commissioned by the Spirit of Anniston.  

Patriotic Pride
At Jacksonville High School's Football Stadium, one will find a tribute to veterans, an American flag waving in the wind, visible from hometown hero Ben Tomlinson's new smart house.

Piedmont Collage
Riders along the Ladiga Trail know they've reached Piedmont by the visible mural just off the trail and Main Street, and next to the famous Solid Rock Cafe, visitors can also find an alley of artistic works, from Einstein to the Beatles.

Once you've snapped a pic, let us "tag" along with #VisitCalhounCo or #IGoCalCo! 

Anniston Mural Project

Friday, August 4, 2017

Calhoun County Arts Groups & Collectives

From growing arts scenes, events and venues, Calhoun County has many talented artists, whether musicians, painters, photographers, writers or other art forms. Various groups allow these artists to collaborate and develop works and events together to make Calhoun County a great place to work, live and visit.

This group of artists has partnered with businesses, the City of Jacksonville and Jacksonville State to create events and created a community innovative and collaborative artists to build opportunities to show works, share resources, and support projects of others.

This group was created to coordinate and assist with cultural activities and develop outlets for arts in the Jacksonville Community. These artists and those passionate about arts organize historical, craft and community events that showcase local talent. 

This organization is a "catalyst" for creative economy, implementing socially engaged art and projects that respond to challenges in the community, leverage the creativity of citizens, and aim to create opportunity. 

Artworks Alliance
This organization of artists and art supporters bring together those in and around Oxford to create special events, competitions, collaborations, community programs and promote artists, musicians, actors, dancers and writers in the community. 

This Piedmont group works with the goal of promoting local artists and introducing the artists to the community and together to create. From free music events to festivals and more, this group organizes community activities.