Wednesday, March 28, 2018

There's no place like home...

Surrounded by the misty smokey mountains and vast rolling farm lands of northeast Alabama, the "Gem of the Hills" is nestled near Atlanta and Birmingham,  making Jacksonville "near perfect." The campus is enclosed in natural beauty. Even visitors from Harvard compliment how beautiful this place is. With complete local natural resources like hiking, mountain & road biking or kayaking just around the creek bend, Jacksonville's "Sweet Home Alabama" blue skies make it easy and appealing to opt outside.
Once in a while, those skies turn dark, producing memorable and earth-shattering storms of the century, packed with thunder, lightning, hail and tornadoes. These moments shake any small town to its core; however, it also highlights and brings out the best of a community.  The evening on Monday, Mach 19, 2018 was one of those times for Jacksonville.
The clean-up begins at the same moment as the all clear. Neighbors help neighbors; strangers lend a saw, tractor or hand. People travel from miles around, just to help, volunteer or offer support. Fellow citizens fulfill each need heard, donating everything from bedding to canned goods, clothes and more. It reminds us and helps us see how good the world can be.
Even those who lost so much take the time offer help to other victims. This is the very essence and definition of community. People supporting people, without expecting anything in return. JSU will rise from the destruction bigger and better than ever before.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Safety Tips for Spring

While you enjoy exploring more outdoors, don't forget to stay safe!

Watch the Weather
Alabama's mild climate makes opting outside a consistent choice; however, this spring check the forecast. Showers and storms can pop-up quickly, so be prepared and dress accordingly.

Stay Hydrated
Hydrate before, during and after those great hikes and bike rides! Take more water than you think, in case of emergencies, and if you begin to feel weak, it's best to turn around and trek back to the trailhead.

Stay Connected
Carry a mobile phone! That way, you can reach emergency personnel if needed or search an area map for more places to explore.

Stay Together
Although quiet time is nice, hike with others or at least tell someone where you are and when.

Most of All, don't be that person who wasn't training and prepared! Don't ignore your medical conditions or safety suggestions. Be responsible and have the most fun!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Dog Friendly Spring Break

We know pups are part of the family, so bring the pups and enjoy our natural attractions.

Chief Ladiga Trail
As a segment of America's longest paved Rail Trail, the Ladiga Trail is a great spot for you to stretch your legs and take Fido for a walk or run. Due to the high traffic of cyclists on this shared La"Dog"a route, it is recommended you keep Fido on a leash.

Germania Springs 
This fenced in park for Fido is great for pups to run free, complete with obstacles, with a nearby playground, Ladiga Trail and sportsplex.

Oxford Lake 
Complete with 10 pavilions surrounding a picturesque lake, there is a great .67 mile trail, children's playground and sportsplex!

Choccolocco Park 
Another area lake is surrounded by 2.7 miles of trails and Native American historic information to entertain you and Fido!

Coldwater Mountain
With more than 30 miles of bike trails, if you're an avid cyclist, Coldwater is a great trip and adventure for trail dogs.

Cheaha State Park 
Surrounded by the Talladega National Forest and trails like Pinhoti, Cheaha State Park has so many Fido amenities, including trails, cabins, chalets and campsites.

Little River Canyon
With all the trails and waterfalls, this National Preserve is a great place for the whole family. Pets are are welcome, and as you all enjoy trails, they ask that you keep Fido on a leash.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Something for Everyone

Where can you go to walk beside peaceful waters and be surrounded by mountain views and soak up sunshine and
clear blue skies?
Choccolocco Park is a great recreational facility for all ages and interest. With trails ranging from  one mile to 5K and with very little elevation change, it’s perfect for an afternoon outdoors and for learning, with panels telling the region’s history stretching back thousands of years including the  spiritual heritage of the park where a thriving Native American town once was.
Now, the park is also home to more than 300 acres of baseball, softball, track & field, and soccer amenities too. With more than 10 baseball and softball fields, the park is also home to a complete track and field facility, featuring an eight-lane rubberized track built to NCAA regulations, locker rooms, grandstands, restrooms, storage facility, and sports medicine room, capable of hosting events like the hammer throw, steeplechase. javelin, pole vault, long-jump, triple long-jump, high jump, discos throw, shot put, and more.Currently, the park also features four AHSAA and NCAA regulated soccer fields.
Choccolocco Park also features two great playgrounds including a fully accessible Boundless Playground, built for  people of all ages, abilities, and disabilities.

This weekend, see the Gamecocks Baseball team in action at Choccolocco Park! #ExploreMore